Judy Louks, Real Estate Salesperson in Cottonwood, Northland

Judy Louks

Real Estate Salesperson

BR006657000 AZ



Coldwell Banker Northland
1075 S. SR 260

Cottonwood, AZ 86326


Coldwell Banker Northland
5200 E. Cortland Blvd. Ste D1

Flagstaff, AZ 86004

Listening and Communicating

In my 43 years of experience, as an Associate Broker/Manager, I've learned listening and communicating are my most valuable assets. Know one really cares if I have been number one in town, have served on every committee you can on the local Association of Realtors and currently am a mediator for the State Association of Realtors, that I am a wife and mother, etc.  What you are interested in is can I accomplish your goals. If the home you are looking for is out there, it isn't hard to find if I have listened to your wants, needs and wishes. Yes, we do things a lot differently than we did even the last five years, but preparation and negotiation hasn't changed all that much. If you are selling a home, the same holds true. If you share with me why you are selling and how soon you would like to move and I listen, we can usually come to a pricing and marketing strategy and get you on your way much faster.

My relationship with other agents, lending, title & escrow, and the vendors all involved with the process are a part of making the move as seamless as possible.  Understanding their jobs as well as my own and communicating in this arena is invaluable. 

Selling or acquiring a new home is a team effort, it takes all of us today working in concert to achieve your goal. I would be delighted to start working on your goals.